Family combo cover

What are the advantages of family combo cover?

Family cover is designed to look after your kids and the results of their many shenanigans and health needs. It also gives you cover for the things you need as an adult when you finally get the chance to take care of yourself.

This page gives a high-level overview of the advantages of family combo health cover. If you need to go in-depth on anything you’re interested in, feel free to click on the many hyperlinks to read more.

As you know, combo cover is made up of hospital cover and extras cover. We start with the benefits of hospital cover and then crack on with extras cover.



Hospital cover for life’s little accidents and more 

Kids love keeping us on our toes. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for all sorts of chaos that can arise. That includes everything from bumps and scrapes to more serious unexpected health conditions. 

Private hospital cover is used widely in Australia to access fast health care and choose your own doctor. In total, 40% of all hospitalisations in 2019-20 were funded by health funds.* 

Plus, all our covers come with an exceptional level of ambulance cover for life’s little emergencies. 

* Spending on admitted patients Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


Our hospital cover advantages

  • Less waiting for elective surgery. Get into private hospital for surgery as soon as your doctor is ready (it’s usually very speedy)^ 
  • Choose your own doctor 
  • Access Australia-wide coverage at more than 540 hospitals with 37,000 medical specialists 
  • No excess for kids under 21 on a family hospital cover if they go to hospital
  • Avoid Lifetime Health Cover loading 
  • Score a government rebate to reduce your premiums (also applies to extras cover – see the income tiers for eligibility) 
  • Avoid paying the Medicare Levy Surcharge. TheMedicare Levy Surcharge is an extra tax to pay for people who don’t have hospital cover and earnover certain income thresholds. 

Naturally you’ll need to have served your waiting periods and have inclusions on your cover for your surgery.

Expenses hospital cover can pay 

  • Hospital accommodation (100% if the treatment is included on your cover) 
  • Theatre fees (100% if the treatment is included on your cover) 
  • In-hospital medicine (100% if the treatment is included on your cover) 
  • Doctor’s fees. Peoplecare pays a minimum of 25% on each Medicare Benefit Schedule fee if the treatment is included on your cover (we kick in more if your doctor uses our Access Gap scheme) and Medicare pays 75%. Learn more about Access Gap. 


You might be surprised... just how much a hospital stay can cost without hospital cover. 

You’d be surprised how much it costs to pay for a private hospital procedure without private hospital cover. According to government statistics, only 3% of all hospital procedures were self-funded in 2018-19 (the most recent data available). ~ 

Besides, hospital can be frighteningly expensive and that’s why there’s value in having health cover just in case the worst should happen. Here are some examples of claims we paid for individual members in 2021:  

Top 5 hospital claims
Admission reason Total benefit paid
Coronary artery bypass $104,551
Hospital psychiatric ECT $84,093
Surgery to treat brain swelling $80,003
Hospital psychiatric CBT $79,779
Spinal surgery $79,245

Again, it’s completely up to you, but you might want to plant that money tree just in case.

~Admitted Patient Care 2018-19: Costs and funding Australian Institute of Health and Welfare



Extras cover to help with routine expenses 

All that cover! 

Extras cover helps with things you generally don’t get for free from the public health system in Australia like:* 


Dental is the number 1 claimed services by value for Peoplecare extras members.  

Our 2021 Annual Report shows that of members claimed around $16 million in dental benefits in the financial year to June 30 2021. That’s more than twice as much as optical benefits ($6.8 million). 

Members claimed, on average, $248 in dental costs per person (or roughly $539 per extras membership). ^ 

It’s clear by its popularity that dental care is a top priority for families. Given the impact that oral health can have on our lives, we think that Peoplecare members are making the right choices. 

Learn how to use your dental benefits. 

Glass lenses, frames, contact lenses and laser eye surgery. We explain the benefits for the whole family and go through some special member deals. 

Read more 

Sports injuries, health conditions and disabilities can all impact quality of life. This useful batch of extras benefits seeks to improve movement, reduce pain, adapt to new health conditions and enjoy life again. 

Read more 

We know it can sound a bit daunting putting a loved one through therapy with a speech pathologist but we have a guide to ease your concerns about this common treatment and show you how to get the best out of your extras cover and Medicare.  

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The types of medications members typically claim through Peoplecare are immunisations (for instance, the shots you get before you travel) and the many drugs that have been deemed safe by the Therapeutic Goods Administration but haven’t yet made it on to the PBS. 

Read more 

We couldn’t fit everything in this article. If you’re yearning for more ways to use your extras cover… 

Read all the ways to use your extras cover. 

* There are some government programs, generally means-tested (subject to income and/or social background criteria), that can help pay for some extras services. An example is the Child Dental Benefit Schedule. Another exception is treatment received under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Peoplecare can’t provide benefits if you’re receiving a benefit through one of these government programs/plans. 

Data from the Peoplecare 2021 Annual Report 

Health Management

We pay benefits for diagnostic health screening services such as blood pressure testing, cholesterol checks, mammograms and hearing tests which can be claimed if Medicare don’t pay a benefit. Health Management Benefits are available on all of our extras covers. 

Use any registered provider

You can take your extras benefits to any registered provider you’d like. Many health funds only pay generous benefits when you go to their brand-owned clinics. However, you can get great benefits at your favourite dentist, physio, optical store and for every extras service you have on your cover!  

Member perks 

We're all about making our members feel special so here are some great offers just for being part of the Peoplecare family. 

Read more 



Ambulance cover included

One thing that Peoplecare includes as a bonus is 100% land, air and sea ambulance cover with no annual limits with every Peoplecare cover.* A short trip in an ambulance can be eye-wateringly pricey. To view what you get, read here. 

*State-recognised ambulance providers only. 


Combo cover

Suggestion options for families

Planning a family 

You’re planning on having kids as a private patient. You need to hold a Gold Hospital cover for 12 months continuously before you can claim pregnancy and birth services. Even if you aren’t going private, you might want to consider upgrading so that your baby is covered for the full range of private hospital treatments once they’re born. You also want to be set up for the Extras needs of a growing family. 

Gold Hospital ($750 excess) & High Extras 

Your family with kids 

You’ve got kids and covering the health of your family is the most important thing for you. You want cover that suits the health needs of everyone in your family. 

Gold Hospital ($750 excess) & Premium or High Extras 

On a budget with kids 

Not planning on having more kids? Are you on a budget? Living that young and healthy life and only need a few hospital inclusions? 

This is for young families who don’t need much hospital cover but want a good level of extras cover to keep everyone healthy and smiling.

Basic Plus Hospital ($750 excess) & High Extras 

Your family with older kids (21–24 years) 

Let’s face it. Our kids are staying at home longer and longer. And you’d like to keep them on your family membership to make sure you’ve got them covered. If they’re studying full time, they can stay on your membership for free. If not, just choose a cover & add 30% to your premium to keep all of your under 25s on your membership for a flat rate. 

We call this Family Plus Cover.

Your choice of Family Plus Cover & High or Premium Extras