Hospital and Extras cover

Love the freedom to choose

Package any of our Hospital covers with any of our Extras covers! We’ve always loved mix n match since we were kids at the supermarket hassling our parents for choccies. Now that we’re older, we’re not having a bar of our kids’ nagging, but we’ll gladly give you the option to choose your combo cover. We’ll take 10% off the cost of your Extras cover when you combine it with one of our hospital covers.


Who needs combo cover?

The choice is completely up to you, but we think that starting small when you’re young and scaling up as you age could be the way to go (as we generally need that bit more help as we get older).

Which combo should I choose?

Below we have some popular combinations to suit each life stage.

Life stage

Young, fit & healthy

You only want cover for services you need and don’t want to pay for services you don’t expect to use, so you can spend more of your money on the things you love. You need cover suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Basic Plus Hospital ($750 excess) or Bronze Hospital ($750 excess) & Simple Extras

You & your partner

You have a partner, have settled down and are planning for the future. You want to get ahead & take care of your health.

You need a well-priced cover that gives you more benefits and still lets you save for your future.

Silver Hospital ($750 excess) & Mid Extras

Planning a family

You’re planning on having kids as a private patient. You need to hold a Gold Hospital cover for 12 months continuously before you can claim pregnancy and birth services. Even if you aren’t going private, you might want to consider upgrading so that your baby is covered for the full range of private hospital treatments once they’re born. You also want to be set up for the Extras needs of a growing family.

Gold Hospital ($750 excess) & High Extras

Your family with kids

You’ve got kids and covering the health of your family is the most important thing for you. You want cover that suits the health needs of everyone in your family.

Gold Hospital ($750 excess) & Premium or High Extras

On a budget with kids

Not planning on having more kids? Are you on a budget? Living that young and healthy life and only need a few hospital inclusions?

This is for young families who don’t need much hospital cover but want a good level of extras cover to keep everyone healthy and smiling.

Basic Plus Hospital ($750 excess) & High Extras

Your family with older kids (21–24 years)

Let’s face it. Our kids are staying at home longer and longer. And you’d like to keep them on your family membership to make sure you’ve got them covered. If they’re studying full time, they can stay on your membership for free. If not, just choose a cover & add 30% to your premium to keep all of your under 25s on your membership for a flat rate.

We call this Family Plus Cover.

Your choice of Family Plus Cover & High or Premium Extras

Middle-aged & young at heart

You are a middle-aged single, couple or a family without kids at home. In other words, a smart cookie. You want a quality cover to protect you at this stage of life and still let you save money to do the things you love (now that you’ve got more free time on your hands).

Silver Plus Hospital ($750 excess) & High Extras


You’re older and wiser, and you know that it’s a good idea to make sure you’re well covered. You’ll probably need more healthcare services as time goes on and you want to make sure you have the best cover possible. You want to know that you’ll get the treatment you want as soon as you need it.

Silver Plus Hospital ($500 excess) & Premium Extras

Ambulance cover included

One thing that Peoplecare includes as a bonus is 100% land, air and sea ambulance cover with no annual limits with every Peoplecare cover.* A short trip in an ambulance can be eye-wateringly pricey. To view what you get, read here. 

*State-recognised ambulance providers only.