Aussies still turning to not-for-profit health funds 

We wrote more than a year ago that under 40s are turning to not-for-profit health funds like Peoplecare. The latest analysis by Members Health Fund Alliance of people on hospital cover shows that Australians across multiple age groups are joining not-for-profit health funds at fast rates. 

Age Members Health funds ↑ Rest of industry ↑
Under 25s 2.70% 0.61%
30-39 years 3.08% 0.69%
Under 45s 2.69% 0.81%
Under 65s 2.23% 0.55%
All ages 3.05% 0.88%

Year to March 2021, Members Health Fund Alliance

Why does it matter?

More people on not-for-profit hospital covers means that funds like us are likely to stick around in the longer term, delivering not-for-profit health cover that you can trust.

But what’s in it for your wallet? More analysis shows that Members Health funds are able to deliver more benefits to their members, on average.


Image: Members Health Fund Alliance

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