How big is Peoplecare’s hospital network?

We love the latest stats and the latest report from the Commonwealth Ombudsman allows us to compare our hospital network to the big 5 health funds.

What are the big 5 health funds?

The biggest funds as measured by market share are:

  • Medibank, 26.9%
  • BUPA, 25.4%
  • HCF, 11.7%
  • NIB, 9.2%
  • HBF, 7.3%

What is a hospital network?

This is how many hospitals you can use with your hospital cover and get the fund’s highest benefit.

The key is whether your health fund has an agreement (a contract) with a private hospital or private day hospital (often called private day surgery). The table below shows how many private hospital agreements and private day hospital agreements you can use as a member of the big 5 health funds and Peoplecare.

How does Peoplecare’s hospital network compare?

We might just be a teeny, tiny health fund by market share at just 0.5% but our hospital network is massive. We use the Australian Health Service Alliance, a not-for-profit group that pools buying power for 26 other funds like us, to give you coverage to as many private hospitals and private day hospitals as possible in Australia.

Australian private hospital network
Fund by most agreements Private hospitals
Peoplecare 280
BUPA 272
NIB 272
Medibank 271
HBF 259
HCF 255


Australian private day hospital network
Fund by most agreements Private day hospitals
NIB 288
HBF 277
Peoplecare 267
BUPA 238
Medibank 225
HCF 224

Key data:

  • Peoplecare has more private hospital agreements than any of the big 5 health funds.
  • Peoplecare has more private day hospital agreements than Medibank, BUPA and HCF but fewer than HBF and NIB.
  • Being a Peoplecare member gives you access to 25 more private hospitals and 43 more private day hospitals in Australia than an HCF member.

Key takeaway

Peoplecare’s hospital network shapes up very well to the biggest funds in Australia, coming out number 1 for private hospital agreements and number 3 for private day hospitals. The more private hospitals a fund has agreements with, the more places you can use your hospital cover.


Source: 2020 State of the Health Funds Report

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