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My Health Online

Members who take our handy Health Risk Assessment you will have access to their very own personal health record.

Think of this record as your very own health filing cabinet. It gives you a place for secure storage of important health info, medical docs and handy health information.

You can view, store & send health info to your doctor, read through the health library, download healthy recipes, track your progress and more. It makes managing your health easier.

How do I access my health online?

You can access your health record once you have completed a Health Risk Assessment, you will create your own unique login.

What will it cost me?

Nothing! Once you have joined the fund you will have access* to your own health record online and well-being tool to assist in your health and well-being.

What’s done with my personal info?

Your privacy is #1. This assessment and health record is completely confidential. Your answers are stored with our friends at MediKeeper, and our Peoplecarers don’t have any access to them.

Click here for our full privacy info.


My Health Online

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What you’re agreeing to:

The Peoplecare Health Portal is provided, managed and operated by MediKeeper Inc (Medikeeper). Health information collected via Peoplecare Health Portal is stored by MediKeeper on its servers based in the United States. I understand that by clicking on this link, the personal health information I provide will be stored anonymously by MediKeeper. My personal details which could identify me such as my name, date of birth and membership or employee number will not be held with my health records, but will be stored in separate encrypted locations in the US. A variety of security technologies and procedures will be used to protect this information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Home Support Services also hold my personal information on a secured database for the purpose of delivering the services to me. By proceeding I agree to the storage of my information in this way. If you'd like further information about MediKeeper's privacy policy, you can get a full statement here. Further information about MediKeeper's security statement is available here.

* You need to have a Mid^ or Premium hospital cover and serve your 2-month waiting period to have access to these services

^'Mid Hospital' cover is closed to new members.