Love being looked after

Love being looked after

We really do care about people (the hint is in our name), and we want you to know we’ve got your back – whether that back is strong & healthy or feeling a bit worse for wear.

That’s why we’re got a range of free^ hospital options and health programs with our hospital covers.

^There’s a small chance you might have an out-of-pocket cost if you’re being treated for a service that’s restricted on your cover. If you do, you’ll be told before you start the program so you can decide whether it’s still right for you.

Hospital options

We give you the option of having care at home for things that you’d normally be stuck in hospital for – all you need is a referral from your treating doctor.

Hospital @ Home

Gets you out of the hospital bed and into your own. We’ll cover you to have the services you’d be getting in hospital (things like wound care or IV antibiotics) at home.


Rehab @ Home

Helps you recover in the comfort of your own home with short term therapy.



Health programs

(available on Mid* & Premium Hospital only)

Like finding $5 on the street, who doesn’t love a little bonus? And that’s what our health programs are – a little something extra to help you keep on top of your health.

Health Risk Assessment

Helps you find out more about your health. This online questionnaire gives you a health report showing where you’re doing well and what you might need to look out for.


My Health Online

Is your own personal health record. Store & send health info to your doctor, read through the health library, track your health and more.

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Health support programs

(available on Mid* & Premium Hospital only)

Are designed to help you manage your health at home with expert phone and face-to-face support programs.

  • Strive for Health
    A 24x7 health coach at your fingertips to help with chronic conditions.

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  • MindStep
    Confidential, one-on-one support over the phone to help manage anxiety and depression.

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  • The COACH Program
    Your own personal health coach to help you with all things heart disease.

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  • The Healthy Weight for Life Program
    Health support program that can help you with strategies to keep your bones and joints healthy and strong.

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Something extra...

Health management

If you’ve also got extras cover, you’ve got a health management benefit. All of our extras covers pay benefits for approved health management programs.

Please note that waiting periods may apply for these health management benefits.

*'Mid Hospital' cover is closed to new members.