You have ambulance cover included in your Peoplecare health cover. We answer your common questions.


Don’t pay it, just send it straight to us ASAP through our mobile app. We’ll then sort it out for you. We pay 100% of all eligible ambulance claims.

Important: Private Health Funds do not cover additional debt recovery costs for late lodgements. You’ll have to pay those fees yourself.

That’s why it’s critical you send us your ambulance bills as soon as you receive them.

Check out our ambulance cover page for all the details.

There are no annual limits on your Peoplecare ambulance cover.


Peoplecare covers emergency ambulance costs and any non-emergency ambulance travel that is deemed 'medically necessary'.

We cover land, air and sea ambulance transport from public and state-approved private providers.


No, members won't need to make any payment towards covered ambulance trips.