Social media house rules

These House Rules apply to all of our social media platforms - namely Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

We love a lot of things – long walks on the beach, flowers in the Springtime, but there are some things we don’t love. We don’t love deleting posts from our page, but we will if:

  • it’s hateful or discriminatory
  • it’s abusive or being used to harass someone
  • it’s threatening or uses violent language
  • it’s inappropriate, offensive or sexually explicit
  • it violates someone’s privacy
  • it violates copyright or intellectual property rights
  • it has damaging info (like medical advice that isn’t right)
  • you’re trolling
  • it’s spam
  • if you’re trying to sell something
  • if you’re promoting a competitor
  • if it is used as a means to commit family violence or violence in the workplace

Basically, just play nice and we’ll all get along fine.