Step 4:

Call Peoplecareon 1800 808 690 


A simple phone call could save you time and make you feel confident with your upcoming planned procedure. Plus, we have a team of member advocates whose entire job is to help you with your hospital admission and answer your hospital questions – so why not benefit from their expertise? 

Instead of picking through your hospital cover documentation, we’ll tell you: 

  • if you’re covered for your upcoming hospital admission (if we’re unsure, we’ll ask you for Medicare Benefits Schedule items included in your itemised Informed Financial Consent from the previous step) 
  • if Peoplecare has an agreement with the hospital where the procedure is taking place 
  • your excess to pay (if any) 
  • some information to help your specific admission 
  • if you might be suitable for a hospital substitution program 
  • if your contact details & payments with us are up to date
Tip: pay your Peoplecare premium  

We can’t pay for your planned procedure if your premiums aren’t paid up to date. So, make sure you’ve done this before you go to hospital. 


Next step:

5. Book your procedure & plan your hospital stay

Call your specialist and book in the procedure. An important step at this point is to ask about your recovery plan, as this will help you plan what to do when you leave hospital and how long your stay will be.