Step 6:

Go to hospital 

You will be admitted to the hospital the day before or on the day of your procedure. Your friendly hospital staff will wheel you into theatre when they’re ready. After your procedure, you will be in the recovery ward before being taken back to your room. 

If you’ve got an excess on your cover, the hospital will ask you to pay it upfront – either before your stay or when you’re admitted to hospital.   

Plus, don’t forget to bring your hospital bag with all your medications, clothes and toiletries. 


Incidentals are the fees that private hospitals charge you personally. These can include, but are not limited to things like newspapers or having access to a TV in your room.

If you use any incidentals while you’re in hospital you’ll need to pay for them before you’re discharged. This is usually separate to the rest of your hospital bills, and you’ll need to pay for them yourself. 

Ensure you have discussed with the hospital these potential incidental costs and whether you are able to opt out so you won’t be charged for them.


Next step:

7. Check out of hospital & recover

Before you leave hospital, make sure you take your discharge plan and discharge summary.