Step 3:

Visit your specialist & get an itemised quote 

When you visit your specialist, you’ll get to learn about the treatment options your specialist recommends for you. It’s a good time to gather information to help you make a decision about your next step.

Some of the things to ask include: 

  • What are the treatment pros & cons? 
  • Is the procedure likely to be successful? Are there any side effects? 
  • What would my recovery plan be? 
  • Can you bill using Access Gap? (more information below) 

Specialists can choose to take part in Access Gap on a case-by-case basis. If they take part, you’ll either have no gap or be told exactly what your out-of-pocket expenses will be. 

So please ask your specialists to take part in Access Gap. If you save money, that makes you happy and us happy.  

Know your costs: Get an itemised quote 

In hospital jargon, a quote for your specialist fees is called ‘Informed Financial Consent’. An itemised Informed Financial Consent quote will tell you exactly what your out-of-pocket expenses will be, no surprises! From there, you can make your choice knowing all the important information. It also tells Peoplecare which Medicare Benefit Schedule items are being billed as part of your procedure (so, we’ll be able to tell you if you’re covered – that’s in the next step). 

Take the Informed Financial Consent quote form to your specialist appointment. Make sure either the specialist or practice manager complete this with you (ask at reception). 

Confirm where the procedure is taking place  

Where your procedure is taking place matters (as it could change if you are covered by Peoplecare), so make sure you have the name of the facility in writing so that we can check for you. Alternately, you can see if Peoplecare has an agreement with your hospital by using our hospital search. 

Bonus tip: Booking fees are frowned upon by the Australian Medical Association.*  If any specialist tries to charge you a booking fee, don’t pay it. Simply show us the bill. We’ll call them and ask them to drop it. 



Next step:

4. Call Peoplecare

A simple phone call could save you time and make you feel confident with your upcoming planned procedure. Plus, we have a team of member advocates whose job is to help you with your hospital admission and answer your hospital questions – so why not benefit from their expertise?