Mental health

Mental health is now getting the attention it deserves. That’s great news for you if you suffer from a mental health condition, but the question remains, how do you get practical help?

Do you have symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks or depression? There are things you can do to help manage your condition. Sound good? Read on to see how we can help.


Mental health program on selected Peoplecare Hospital covers


MindStep is included (that’s free with no extra cost to participate!) on the following covers: Silver Hospital, Silver Plus Hospital, Gold Hospital and our closed covers Mid Hospital (Basic Plus) and Premium Hospital (Gold).

For a limited time (until 1 April 2023) Peoplecare members on Bronze Hospital and our closed Basic Hospital (Basic Plus) can join this program.

The waiting period to receive this program is 2 months of continuous cover. Your premiums need to be up to date before you can claim this program.

Peoplecare provides a program that could help you manage your symptoms and gain more control over your mental health.

What’s MindStep?

MindStep is a mental health program for Peoplecare members to help you manage the symptoms of anxiety or depression. The program is run by our friends at Remedy Healthcare, and all your treatment info is kept completely confidential by them.

MindStep can help you:

  • Identify and replace unhelpful thoughts and behaviours
  • Take steps to overcome your fears and manage anxiety in practical, achievable ways
  • Overcome feelings of isolation, sadness and low self-esteem

Does this sound like you? If you feel you need to take a positive step forward and would benefit from MindStep, pop your details into our Ask our experts form and we’ll let you know if you’re covered and help you join.  Or you can email or call us!

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Did you know that the most recent statistics show 3.2 million Australians suffer anxiety, while 1.5 million experienced both depression and anxiety?*  If you’ve had these feelings, you’re not alone. MindStep is here to help you.

The service is a phone-based mental health coaching program run over six weeks, and it’s designed to go hand-in-hand with the usual care given by your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. You’ll get your very own health coach dedicated to supporting you to take positive steps to achieve social and emotional wellbeing.

All your treatment info is kept completely confidential by Remedy Healthcare. We won’t have access to any personal health info you give them, but if you’d like to read our Privacy Policy to make sure, click here.

Not at all! MindStep is free for members on eligible hospital covers.




Mental health help on Peoplecare Extras covers^

Psychology and group therapy benefits are available on Peoplecare’s High Extras and Premium Extras covers. Just be aware that 2-month waiting periods apply when you first join those covers.

Psychology benefits
Level of cover Initial consult Subsequent Limit per person Limit per family
Premium Extras $110 $90 $500 $1000
High Extras $90 $70 $400 $800


Psychology benefits (closed cover)
Level of cover Initial consult Subsequent Limit per person Limit per family
Comprehensive Extras** 80% of the cost up to $120 80% of the cost up to $60 $500 $650


Not sure if you’ve already reached your Extras limits?

Check them with Online Member Services or our handy app.



^Two-month waiting periods apply before joining these covers and claiming (unless you switch within 30 days from an Extras cover with these benefits where no waiting period would apply).

* Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Health Survey: First Results, (2017-18).

**Comprehensive Extras is no longer available for sale.


Want to know more?

If you feel you need a little more info before catching up with your doc, give us a buzz on 1800 808 690 or shoot us an email. Better yet why not ask our friendly team of experts who are always super happy to help members.

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